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With their expertise in interpreting medical data, moveUP helps optimize digital therapies

The workload is heavy in healthcare. Sometimes extremely heavy. Medical follow-ups with the help of “smart” technologies, however, offer a solution to this problem. moveUP is a digital health company that develops digital therapies. By orchestrating daily digital contact with patients, essential data is obtained to provide patient-oriented (after)care. If the recovery is not meeting expectations then the care can be adjusted immediately. With their expertise in interpreting medical data, moveUP helps optimize digital therapies. moveUP is already working with 20 Belgian hospitals and are now broadening their international outlook from Novio Tech Campus.

Digital Data Bridge

“We saw a gaping hole in the current healthcare system,” kicked off Bob Moens, Director at moveUP. “After a medical procedure, someone is hospitalized for a few days and there is close contact between doctor and patient. As soon as the patient leaves the hospital, this contact diminishes, be that unintentionally or otherwise. In orthopaedics (one of our areas of focus, among other things) this can have many unfortunate consequences such as complications due to overexertion during rehabilitation. Data-based care can therefore make a big difference in the recovery of the patient. This benefit was recognized within the Belgian healthcare system by one of the leading health insurance companies. moveUP is the first (and for the time being the only) digital health solution that is fully reimbursed by health insurance ”.

“moveUP creates a digital bridge between hospital and patient via data,” Moens explains. “A good example of this is a project that is now starting with a top clinical hospital in the Netherlands and a prominent insurer. Patients undergoing surgery for a knee or hip replacement receive aftercare via moveUP. There is daily contact with the patient via the app and their physical activity is monitored via a smart-bracelet. The patient is closely monitored, informed about their recovery and kept motivated. Based on the data obtained, the physical therapist can provide patient-oriented instructions for an effective and efficient recovery. If something goes wrong or there are complications in the treatment, the physiotherapist can intervene immediately and make patient-specific adjustments, such as advising other exercises. The patient's rehabilitation is thereby not only safe but very much tailored to the needs of the patient. This rehabilitation can also be done by any physiotherapist or a Dutch physiotherapist from the mo-veUP virtual clinic. If necessary, the physical therapist can digitally indicate when further consultation from the doctor is required. Remotely, the doctor can help the patient, by adjusting the medication, assessing the healing of the wound or view the gait analysis via photo or videolink.

Fighting against pandemics

Moens observes that digital solutions are increasingly being looked at in healthcare. Initially, moveUP primarily focused on follow-ups with orthopaedic treatments. “We see the demand for our innovations also increasing in other medical sectors. Consider the aftercare for a bariatric procedure (stomach reduction). Accurate follow-up is of great importance in this regard, as the patients have to make radical changes to their lifestyle such as eating and exercising differently. We are also developing a platform for oncologists that enables them to follow up on cancer patients during various treatment stages. ”

When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, it also became clear how data can be used to combat viruses. “moveUP was asked to roll out the platform for the follow-up of corona patients. This was then used in the short term by general practitioners and different hospitals together ”.

Support by the European Commission

The international expansion plans stem in part from the achievement of an important milestone. “The European Commission awarded us a Horizon 2020 subsidy this year,” says Moens. “This was an important moment for us; we see that we are doing something good and are contributing to the improvement of healthcare. We are now expanding internationally to The Netherlands, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and the United States. Partly due to our cooperation with Medscaler, we soon got a good picture of the market in the Netherlands. We are now starting our activities there from our new location on Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen. We already employ someone for the German market and we are looking for a business development manager for the Dutch market. ”

The Belgian company is looking forward to establishing new connections in and around the Novio Tech Campus. “Healthcare varies enormously from country to country. We hope to meet parties in Nijmegen and The Netherlands with whom we can collaborate on an organizational level.”

International Innovation Hotspot

According to Moens, it is no coincidence that the Belgian company now lands on Novio Tech Campus. “Nijmegen is internationally known as a hotspot for innovation in digital health. In addition, we already know something of the region thanks to the annual Health Valley Event. When we started talking with Oost NL and they pointed us to Novio Tech Campus, it was a no-brainer. Despite the distance and complicating corona measures, we were perfectly guided by teams from the campus and Kadans Science Partner. We look forward to continuing to work on our innovations in data, from the centre of digital health: Nijmegen! ”