For diabetes patients the inevitable finger pricking to measure glucose levels may be coming to an end. NovioSense, a company based in Nijmegen, has developed a small sensor that can remotely measure glucose from under the eyelid. The resulting measurement can be read with an app in a smartphone.

This new method can lead to a dramatic improvement in the health of diabetes patients, claims CEO Chris Wilson from NovioSense.

“Using the current method of measuring glucose by pricking the finger, it is a painful procedure. And the fingers become ever more sensitive, which discourages the patient from checking his or her glucose as often as they should. Our sensor gives the possibility to measure glucose, simple and painlessly, on a far more regular basis.”

The flexible, one centimeter long sensor measures glucose levels through teardrops 24 hours per day and is expected to be far more reliable than the current methods of finger pricking.

Investment in cooperation

Oost NL has invested in NovioSense through its Innovation and Investment Subsidy Gelderland. This was to give a boost to the development of the glucose sensor. Other partners in the investment are Health Innovations, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft (München) and INTERREG IV, a telemedicine program. Oost NL is also a partner in INTERREG IV.

Oost NL has also helped NovioSense to find a suitable location in Nijmegen for their facilities. Other partners in NovioSense are UMC St. Radboud (Nijmegen), GlucoMoms (UMC Utrecht), Interface Biomaterial's (Maastricht) and Fraunhofer IMS (Duisburg).