NovioSys, based in the Czech Republic, active in the area of medical technology and digital health, was looking for partners and an appropriate location for the start of its R& D and sales activities in the Netherlands.

The perfect fit for this start-up was found on the Novio Tech Campus, the “Health Tech” open innovation campus, next to the NXP factory in Nijmegen. Here are companies which are focused on healthcare, medical technology and semiconductor applications. NovioSys has as its core activities health monitoring and communication systems for industrial applications.

The medical applications are focused on oncology, cardiology and the treatment of diabetes. Its primary target group is comprised of pregnant women and the elderly.


Oost NL assisted in NovioSys in finding a location and through its network helped introduce the company to a number of diverse business partners, such as SMB, Novio Tech Campus, Rockstart and others.