In October 2012 the starting gun sounded for the beginning of the physical development of the Novio Tech Campus. This campus in Nijmegen is the new business park for innovative companies in the semiconductor industry, life sciences and healthcare.

Life sciences companies in the region of Nijmegen need large laboratory facilities and more room for further growth. NXP, a global player in the semiconductor industry, is shrinking its footprint in Nijmegen, and needs to divest space and facilities. Oost NL was able to combine these two contrary signals and to arrange that NovioTech Campus established its necessary laboratory facilities at the recently divested area of NXP.

NXP is making room for healthcare and life sciences companies. The expected cross-pollination that will take place between life sciences companies and those from the semiconductor industry is already fact. These so-called “cross-overs” between various industries and sectors result in both parties being able to profit from previously unknown new applications and innovations.

Campus BV Made Possible

Oost NL took care of Novio Tech Campus BV’s director. In addition, we worked on business development, acquisition and real estate market development for the necessary 10,000 m2 floorspace. Roughly half of this area was required to be cleanrooms and laboratories. Oost NL was also directly involved in the financing of the communal office space at the Novio Tech Campus and arranged for some of the companies registered there.