PharmaCytics improves the effectiveness of new and existing drugs in interacting with the body’s intestines by improving their absorbability. It is a start-up company that has been located at the Novio Tech Campus in Nijmegen since May 1st, 2015.

Absorbability, the ability by the body to take in and utilize the active ingredients in drugs, is a recurring problem in the pharma industry. PharmaCytics has developed a unique technology by which transport proteins are activated in the stomach lining. This facilitates the absorption of a particular drug’s active ingredients into the bloodstream. PharmaCytics sees additional applications of this technology for imaging, drug targeting and for developing new therapies for diseases such as cancer, diabetes, or relating to infections. These new therapies would involve cell transporters.

Novio Tech Campus

The Investment Promotion department of Oost NL has supported PharmaCytics with its choice of location and establishing at the Novio Tech Campus. In addition, Oost NL played a role in introducing PharmaCytics to various partners in the life sciences and health sectors in the Health Tech region of Nijmegen. In addition, the Development and Innovation department of Oost NL helped the company in its applications for financing from the RedMedTech Ventures fund.