Polymer Campus

A campus in development. This is how we can describe the Polymer Campus, located along in Zwolle. Following the opening of the innovation center Polymer Science Park (PSP),  comes this development of a physical “landing place” for companies and knowledge institutes active in materials and coatings technologies.

The innovation center for applied materials technology Polymer Science Park is at the heart of the Polymer Campus. This laboratory for applications has grown quickly with space for companies, workplaces, labs, training facilities, exhibition space and meeting rooms. There is so much demand that the Campus is starting to reach its physical limits. 

Oost NL is planning on redeveloping this dynamic campus with two new initiatives:

  1. Polymer Incubator for startups
  2. Polymer House as a meeting place for demonstrations and large scale get-togethers.

Polymer House & Incubator

A successful campus development requires the sort of well thought out organization process that Oost NL is able to provide. We bring market and government parties together and arrange the financial means. This requires knowledge and experience. These two new initiatives are expected to act as an accelerator for additional developments at the Polymer Campus.