Polymer Science Park

Barely 21% of used plastic is recycled. If we are to achieve a society that is sustainable and an economy that is carbon-neutral, this percentage needs to be raised.

At the Polymer Science Park in Zwolle, an experimental field test is being developed in order to do exactly this. The first in the country, the ‘Proeftuin Recycling - Future Proof Polymers’ initiative aims to increase the percentage of recycled used plastic.

The new field test makes it possible, in an effective and efficient manner, to execute recycling projects together with all parties in various supply chains, such as raw materials suppliers, plastics recyclers, compounders, processors and producers. By working together with additional partners from the business community, institutes of learning and the government, it is possible to bundle knowledge, experience, the facilities and technology involved in plastics recycling to make the process applicable in a very practical manner. Innovation is possible in this project as the focus is on an improved separation technique, which makes up-cycling - the conversion of plastics into a product of higher value than the original - possible.

The companies involved in this initiative include Attero, Beutech, DSM, Van Werven, Trending Industries, as well as various institutes of learning and the 32 members of the Polymer Science Park.


Oost NL supported the Polymer Science Park in developing the field lab initiative by helping to organize the matching companies, bringing funding partners together, and in securing financing through the European Regional Development Fund available through the provinces of Overijssel and Gelderland.