Rudico, based in Eerbeek, has been able to maintain its leading position in printing for the packaging industry by investing in a new flexo press.

Rudico prints materials for the largest cardboard producers over the entire world.

“We have been able to maintain a unique and strong position in a growing market primarily through our independence,” states Rudi director Jan Wüstenhoff.

The new flex press a previous model that had delivered 25 faithful years of service to the company, but was ready to be replaced. Wüstenhoff:

“By using this new press we are able to print faster and with the highest possible quality.” The press prints on rolls of paper that weigh 3.5 tons and has a capacity to print some 150 million m2 per year.

Even though Wüstenhoff had the initial financing of € 13 million that was necessary for the press, there were extra machine parts that were necessary to be able to deliver custom printing. For this extra investment Wüstenhoff was able to rely on Oost NL. Through a loan from the MKB Kreditfaciliteit Gelderland Rudi has been able to profit enormously from the new flexo press.

Investment in the future

It has been difficult for even healthy companies to acquire new financing because of the current economic crisis. By using financing mechanisms such as the MKB Kreditfaciliteit Gelderland Oost NL has been able to help companies with their plans for the future.