Siemens NL

“Just the right mix of culture, loyalty, history, flexibility and commitment are exactly the right recipe for explaining the fast growth of this company,” states Herman Hekker, the director of Siemens Oost.

Siemens, a builder and service provider of compressor installations for gas extraction and transport, has been for years growing at a rapid tempo. It’s hard to imagine that in the past there was talk of closing the plant and consolidating operations at the parent company in Germany. Now it is a different story. At this moment the finishing touches are being made on a beautiful new office building, directly across from the recently remodeled central train station in Hengelo. The company now has 550 full-time employees and a flexible workforce of 100.

Mr. Hekker says further, “In addition, we are expecting strong growth in the coming years, both in personnel and in expanding facilities. This is a result of transferring two large production lines from England and Sweden to Hengelo.”

Together with the University of Twente, Saxion University of Professional Education and the Regional Training Center (ROC), Siemens Oost will be working intensively in the coming years to onboard sufficient numbers of qualified personnel. Together with the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) and the Dutch Ministry for Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, Oost NL has helped Siemens to make their office and factory construction plans a reality.