Silicon Europe

The demand for semiconductor products is enormous. Especially for those products that are low in energy use are in demand. At Silicon Europe we have assembled a business consortium that will provide for the development and production of energy efficient semiconductors for the coming 3 years.

The heart of the international consortium consists of companies and institutes that are already cooperating together in business. How to work together, both at a national level and internationally, to efficiently design and produce new products, is the question. To answer this we have bundled semiconductor clusters together with business owners and governments in mutually beneficial action programs. Developing new products together: more user friendly and better for the environment; more affordable and, mostly, energy efficient.

Semiconductor Clusters

Oost NL is a partner in the strategic cooperative relationship Silicon Europe. Oost NL, together with the Business Cluster Semiconductors Netherlands (BCS) has worked to insure that via Silicon Europe there has been a connection between semiconductor and other high-tech companies in East Netherlands, together with similar clusters in Germany, Belgium and France. Specifically these are the Silicon Saxony (Dresden), DSP Valley (Leuven), and Monologic (Grenoble). From the Dutch side partners are Point One and the Development Agency Brabant (BOM).