Synthon is the largest independent Dutch pharmaceutical company. We are now present in 11 countries with a total of 1400 people, with 400 of them working here in Nijmegen. Synthon also got its start here in Nijmegen as a spinoff of the Radboud University. We are a company that competes in the generic medicine market, but from 2007 we’ve also been in bio-pharmaceuticals.

What is it, exactly, that Synthon does? 

At Synthon we believe that everyone has a right to exactly the right medication. We try, on the basis of science and with the right local people, to produce affordable medicines. We are particularly focused on treatments for Multiple Sclerosis and Oncology. We’ve designed a master plan to be able to do so with development through our own laboratories, clean rooms and office space.

What is your most recent project?

We’ve begun with a brand new research and development building with associated office place for our bio-pharmaceutical activity here in Nijmegen. This will allow us the achieve more growth through inventing, designing and developing more products in the coming time.

How complex in terms of organization are these projects for you at Synthon?

We are of course busy with our master plan and that requires much discussion with governmental bodies and the like. But being an international company means we’ve got our ‘tentacles‘ out and we’re able to find many opportunities for matchmaking. Oost NL assists in this process. We’re happy to come in to contact with companies with which we can start collaborative relationships.

How does the future look for Synthon?

We are fortunate that we are in a non-cyclical market. Our ambition for Synthon in the coming years is to grow rapidly. With new products in the market, preferably with the local people we have here from this region to help us bring products to market. This is also very interesting for the entire province of Nijmegen, especially in these difficult times.

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