We’re all growing older. Healthcare is becoming more expensive. The path from idea to market is long in the Life Science & Health sectors. This is why small businesses, healthcare facilities and interest organizations are working on creative solutions in healthcare.

One of the cooperative ventures is the German-Dutch project “Telemedicine and Personalized Care,” a newly featured major project of the INTERREG IV-A.

The INTERREG program is a border crossing initiative designed to lower costs and bundle strengths across the border of the Netherlands and northwest Germany. A total of nine innovations, so far, have come from the highly qualified personnel from more than 40 project partners. Eventually, it is expected that patients themselves will benefit from the innovations, which will lead to more independence and freedom in their daily lives. 

Financing and project management

Oost NL has been designated as the “lead partner” in executing this program, including its budget of €10.2 million, until May 2015. The INTERREG program has contributed €7 million of this budget, and the rest has been collected from local parties, a combination of private funding and local parties. There are five core partners from Germany and the Netherlands that provide principal support. They promote the strategic cooperation in the border area and support participation for successful market introductions.