From its new location at the XL Business Park Twente, Timberland distributes goods throughout all of Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Nearly €50 million has been invested in establishing this location which has resulted in a sustainable, BREEAM-certified building.

BREEAM is the new method of certifying sustainability in buildings. This was a conscious choice from Timberland to remain consistent with their philosophy of doing sustainable business. 

XL Business Park is located on the A35 freeway near Almelo. It is a logical location for Timberland, owing to the quality infrastructure and stable employment climate in the region of Twente. Products are shipped relatively energy-neutral from Rotterdam to Hengelo. The combined water supply for fire crews together with good quality security were also consideration factors for Timberland.

Commitment to maintain

In 2008 the management of Timberland began looking for an alternative location for their European distribution company. This signal was immediately picked up by the cities of Enschede and Almelo, XL Business Park and Oost NL, and they presented Timberland with a proposal. This proposal compared the benefits of the location at XL Business Park in comparison with their then-current location in Enschede. Partly based on the information in this proposal, Timberland chose again for Twente for their new location. In this way 150 full-time and 150 flexible jobs have been retained in the region.