Vital Fluid

Plasma-activated water (PAW) is a client-focused application developed by VitalFluid, a company started by Paul Leenders and Polo van Ooij. The only ingredients necessary in making PAW are water, air and electricity.

Following an initial research conducted by the Wageningen University & Research Center together with the Technical University Eindhoven, it appears that ‘plasma water’ was extremely useful in many everyday applications, such as keeping cut flowers fresher longer. In addition, it was discovered through additional research that the treated water has disinfection and sterilization properties. This may be applicable for use in healthcare, in addition to further applications in agriculture, such as seed handling, crop harvesting and the flower industry. VitalFluid is now being tested with launching customers for various proof-of-principle studies for further validation. The next steps are to start a company and pursue financing.


VitalFluid is one of the promising start-ups that Oost NL is supporting through its StartLife program, managed by the Business Development business unit. This programs facilitates start-ups in financing, advice and access to networks.