World Wide Sires, long history in USA

World Wide Sires is part of Select Sires, industry leader in the USA for artificial insemination to supply dairy and beef producers with excellent genetics. Select Sires is a cooperative based in Plain City, Ohio and is comprised of six famer-owned and – controlled local organizations. Select Sires was formed 50 years ago, is market leader in the USA and now markets semen worldwide to more than 95 countries. World Wide Sires Netherlands and Belgium in its current form was established in 2010. They just relocated their office from Heerenveen to Staphorst.

Service as added value

World Wide Sires has increased market share in both The Netherlands and Belgium and continues to grow steadily. Bart Soetebier, MD of World Wide Sires NL-B explains: “We have developed our company from a product based into a service based organization. Our sales team consists now of advisors, who based on knowledge and tools advise the farmer on what genetically is needed.” The world of animal breeding is changing fast, that is why all staff of World Wide Sires is trained on a regular base and inhouse. Bart Soetebier is convinced that everybody with the right attitude can learn what it takes to become a skilled advisor for World Wide Sires. Bart laughs: “if we hire someone we focus on finding people with the right attitude and train people how to advise farmers in the right way. Until now this has been a success.”

Own distribution

World Wide Sires has moved from Heerenveen to Staphorst to service their market better and faster. Bart tells: “Our office in Staphorst is located next to the highway and very centrally in The Netherlands. We can easily reach our customers in Belgium and The Netherlands from here.” To ensure the quality of their products, all orders are brought to the farmers with World Wide Sires’ own staff and cars. Bart explains: “These cars are equipped with an excellent ventilation system to ensure safety of our people and quality of the product.”

The new office in Staphorst has enough space for the whole team and enough storing capacity for 4 times the quantity of the current semen samples. 

More services for farmers

Even with a declining total market, World Wide Sires is convinced that they can grow the coming years: “we collaborate with a worldwide renown animal health & pharma company to improve our knowledge base. We are also looking to expand our service portfolio with products that can reduce nitrogen emission from manure. East Netherlands provides in that sense with Wageningen University and Research and several Applied Universities nearby also an excellent location.”