Dedicated information

Are you considering to establish a business activity in East Netherlands? Are you a business owner or are you otherwise responsible for innovative products and services? Are you involved with activities in the Agri-Food, Life Sciences and Health, High Tech or Cleantech & Energy sectors?

If so, then our specialists can help you. Together we can find a suitable location for you within the provinces of Gelderland or Overijssel or help you to identify valuable research and business connections.

Dedicated bidbook

During a personal intake meeting we will make an inventory of your business requests. Based on your specific needs the Oost NL team will prepare a dedicated bidbook containing information on:

  • relevant customers and suppliers
  • research facilities
  • local opportunities

With the help of real estate agents a compilation of the most appropriate business locations in the Provinces Gelderland and Overijssel can be made. Additionally we can provide information on national and regional subsidy programmes and scout for opportunities for your organization to participate in public/private innovation programmes.