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North Sea neighbours

North Sea neighbours in a new relationship

East Netherlands has a longstanding (trade) relationship with the United Kingdom. Our economic ties are strong: companies on both sides of the North Sea trade with each other, import and export numbers are high and over 100 British companies have established their business in East Netherlands. The strengths of the eastern provinces of The Netherlands lie in the sectors Food, Health, Tech & Energy: sectors that many British regions also have key industries in. Moreover, the favourable logistical position next to the German border makes East Netherlands a valuable trading and investment location!

The United Kingdom remains a valuable neighbour for Oost NL. In the new relationship, the rules and requirements for trade between the UK and EU have changed. The status change may have implications for British companies and their EU market position. One solution to maintain EU status and create new opportunities is for British companies to establish an EU entity.

To facilitate British companies with this, Oost NL offers soft-landing services to help companies establish their business in the region. Oost NL’s soft-landing services are free of charge, fully confidential, and bespoke to the needs of the company. Examples of what we can offer to assist with expansion or relation are:

  • Factfinding trips
  • Network/ecosystem introductions
  • Location scan


(British) business community: once set up in our region, Oost NL maintains close relationships to help with local connections, (financing) opportunities, business development, and trade questions.

Oost NL has excellent partnerships in the UK with regional institutions, sector organizations, governmental bodies and chambers of commerce. Oost NL also cooperates with the Netherlands-British Chamber of Commerce to promote the UK-NL relationship.

Oost NL is part of the Invest in Holland Network.

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