Hydrogen | East Netherlands

The urgency of climate action has never been greater. Governments are pressed to accelerate work on their climate roadmaps to ensure a successful transition into net-zero emission by 2050, with Hydrogen playing a key role decarbonising hard-to-abate industries and enabling the storage, transport and trade of green energy.

How can we upscale global hydrogen projects and make NetZero a reality? Through key partnerships & collaboration!

East Netherlands: Hydrogen Solutions 

In East Netherlands, we have a complete hydrogen value chain with R&D, testing & certification, pilot facilities and fuel stations. This gives you the advantage of not only finding pioneering crossovers from hydrogen technology to building and industrial applications but also top-class research programs. Join our strong network of global businesses, research institutes and universities, SMEs, engineering companies, field labs and business communities all working together in the hydrogen value chain.

In the Hydrogen proposition, see below, you will find extensive information about the hydrogen ecosystem in the Netherlands.