Brochure Science & Innovation Parks and Campuses in East Netherlands: 2024 edition

The Netherlands is among the top countries for research and development, with a unique mix of innovative businesses working alongside renowned knowledge institutes. In part these activities take place at central locations, stimulating collaboration and inviting talent. East Netherlands offers world-class Science & Innovation Parks and Campuses for innovative companies in agri-food, life sciences & health, high-tech and smart energy. In our updated brochure we highlight a few of them. 

Photo brochure

A unique asset of the Netherlands is that universities, research institutes and private companies are used to collaborate intensively. Stimulated by the government. Together, they develop sustainable food production solutions for the future, ensuring the world of enough food for everyone. And they develop medical technology that keeps us healthy; innovations for the energy transition; a smart industry; and a world without waste. 

Download the brochure

You can download the brochure here (pdf) or you can find it in our downloads section, where you’ll find more valuable information about East Netherlands. 

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