DAIZ Engineering and NIZO Food Research Collaborate to Establish European Germination Food-Tech Center

Advancing the Development of Hybrid Dairy Alternatives in the Netherlands

DAIZ Engineering Inc. (Headquarters located in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan with Koji Ochiai as CEO; hereafter referred to as "DAIZ Engineering") has established the European Germination Food-Tech Center in the Netherlands through collaboration with NIZO Food Research B.V. (Headquarters located in Ede, Gelderland, the Netherlands; hereafter referred to as "NIZO"). As the initial step of this collaboration, the Food-Tech Center focuses on the development of "Hybrid Dairy Products", combining primarily animal-based dairy and plant-derived protein-based dairy alternatives. This new approach holds the promise of making a breakthrough in addressing the taste, nutrition and sustainability challenges associated with the protein transition

DAIZ Engineering

DAIZ Engineering and NIZO aim to pursue advanced technological innovation in taste and nutritional functionality in the "Food Valley" of the Netherlands, where global agricultural and food-technologies are centered. The goal is to contribute to implementing a sustainable "dietary lifestyle" that offers richness in flavor and various food options by a balanced mixture of animal and plant-based ingredients from a technical and scientific perspective.

About the Establishment of the European Germination Food-Tech Center at NIZO

In the Netherlands, which holds the position of the world's second-largest agricultural export value, a world-leading food industry hub called the "Food Valley" has emerged. Over 1,500 food-related and chemical companies from various countries gather at this hub and collaborative efforts across different industries and partnerships among academia, industry, and government are driving technological development. NIZO is one of the world’s leading contract research organizations for better food and health. Over more than 75 years of development, NIZO has evolved alongside the continuous innovation in the food industry, bringing together experts in many different areas of food science and production, including protein technology, fermentation, bioinformatics, health, food processing, food safety and sensory experiences of food. These steps come together in our pilot plant –  the largest open-access food-grade pilot plant - in Europe. NIZO leverages the integrated power of science and technology to assist food companies from the laboratory scale to the semi-industrial level. This enables food companies to achieve their innovation goals more successfully, sustainably, and efficiently, ultimately leading to better food and health.Top of Form

DAIZ Engineering is a food-tech start-up company with a patented technology called “Ochiai Germination Method" that activates seeds using the power of germination to enhance functionality and nutritional value. Using proprietary technology to mimic the molecular profile of animal proteins in plant-based proteins, DAIZ Engineering has achieved the development of alternative eggs and alternative milk. Additionally, it is at the forefront of developing and promoting "hybrid products" combining animal and various plant-derived proteins, aiming for a wide range of food choices and environmentally friendly sustainable food development.

Support from the Invest in Holland Network partners

The cooperation between DAIZ Engineering and NIZO has been established with the support from the Invest in Holland Network partners: the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) office in Japan and the East Netherlands Development Agency (Oost NL). Oost NL focuses its activities and projects on strengthening and stimulating the economy of the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel in the Netherlands. Through their network and assistance, the Invest in Holland Network has supported DAIZ Engineering in navigating the process of opening their office and laboratory at NIZO, providing a smooth entry into the European business landscape.

Susan van Boxtel, team manager Food at Oost NL: "Taste and texture are two key challenges in the protein transition. DAIZ is tackling those challenges together with NIZO, including through the development of hybrid products. The arrival of DAIZ and their collaboration with NIZO is therefore an enrichment of the ecosystem in the Foodvalley. We are proud to welcome them here."

New food ingredients for global food manufacturers

The newly-established European Germination Food-Tech Center at NIZO will germinate various seeds (beans, grains, nuts) using the ‘Ochiai Germination Method’ and will evaluate the nutritional value and digestibility of the germinated seeds in collaboration with the experts at NIZO.  Based on the acquired expertise in plant-based proteins, the Food-Tech Center will develop new food ingredients which will be proposed to global food manufacturers. Furthermore, DAIZ Engineering intends to actively participate in joint research and development initiatives where the Dutch government, businesses, NIZO and academic institutes collaborate in the fields of science, technology, and innovation. Through cooperation with European food manufacturers, DAIZ Engineering will strive to contribute to addressing global challenges such as food security and protein deficiency.