Drones & Grolsch

A delegation of representatives from the Embassy of Japan in the Netherlands, together with a collection of semi-governmental agencies and international companies, visited Twente on May 15th this year.

This inspiring trip through Twente, focusing on technology and food, was organized by the Dutch & Japanese Trade Federation (Dujat) together with Oost NL.



The program began with a tour through Space53, located at Technology Base (a shared facilities environment in Enschede where technology companies, knowledge institutions and public organizations are located). The purpose was to see what is on the horizon regarding the latest unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) technology and applications. Included in this visit was a drone demonstration and a short bus tour through Technology Base and Enschede Twente Airport.

Next on the agenda was a visit to the Grolsch beer brewery, which has been under Japanese ownership (Asahi Group Holdings, Ltd.) since 2016. Members of the delegation were impressed by this modern, efficient brewery, where sustainability and Sustainable Corporate Responsibility play central roles.  

Dujat expresses its special thanks to the guests of
the Honorable H.E. Inomata, Ambassador of Japan in the Netherlands, and Mrs. Inomata, in Space 53 / Technology Base, Robor Electronics and Grolsch for their hospitality and for sharing their knowledge. Special thanks to Oost NL (East Netherlands Development Agency) for the rapid organization of this very successful event. We have received many enthusiastic reactions from our members and are looking forward to the next time we may visit Twente.