Duracar expands production of small electric trucks in Apeldoorn

Duracar, manufacturer of small electric trucks made from sustainable and recycled materials, is expanding. Production is being scaled up considerably and much time is invested in the further development of the vehicle. In doing so, the company is not only creating additional jobs but also contributing to the zero-emission policies of urban centers worldwide. Oost NL supported Duracar by linking the manufacturer to relevant relationships within the EV and materials ecosystems.


Clean inner cities

To reduce emissions in cities, Dutch municipalities may declare their city centers to be zero-emission zones from January 1, 2025. This will affect companies that transport their products into the city center in certain (polluting) vans and trucks. A clean city center is an important issue not only in the Netherlands but also in many other European cities.

Oost NL helps us get in touch with other companies in our region that we can work with.

Duracar's LEV (Light Electric Vehicle) vans are ideally suited for inner-city deliveries. From its engineering and production facility in Apeldoorn, Duracar delivers its last-mile delivery vehicles, with a range of 150 kilometers throughout Europe. Jan Keizer, CEO of Duracar said, "Governments are pushing to make inner cities cleaner and less crowded, and our products are helping to achieve that goal. We work towards being the new standard for delivery and transportation in urban areas."

Soft landing in the region

Since Duracar's arrival in Apeldoorn, Oost NL has been involved with the company. Ludwig Wijma, COO at Duracar: "Oost NL helps us get in touch with other companies in our region that we can work with. We like to make our vehicles even better by co-creating with our customers, and it's convenient to do that with partners close to us. We are always open to new partnerships that accelerate our mission. Because Duracar is an innovative brand, we have many partnerships with other companies to share knowledge and expertise. Let's shape a better and greener world together."

Peter van Houten, project manager mobility at Oost NL: "Duracar wants to contribute to a cleaner world with mobility solutions. It's great that Oost NL can contribute to this by connecting Duracar with potential partners."