InSus realizes new facility on Synergy park InnoFase in Duiven

InSus, a manufacturer of circular building materials, is realizing a new facility at the InnoFase Businesspark in Duiven. This facility will open soon and recycle sandwich panels using a unique process and produce new insulation boards from them. Oost NL, together with the municipality of Duiven, supports the company in its establishment and electrification process in Duiven.


The new InSus facility fits in perfectly with the circular character of InnoFase, which received the Circular Economy Award in 2020 due to its circular ambition. InSus has been developing new methods for producing circular building materials since 2016. The first process ready for large-scale roll-out is the processing and upgrading of insulation material from waste streams. This material is made into a high-quality circular insulation material that can be used for various applications in the construction of houses and other buildings.

Director of InSus, Harry van Dam: “The facility in Duiven enables us to apply the techniques we developed for processing and producing PU insulation (polyurethane insulation) on a large scale. We will greatly reduce CO2 emissions and the number of raw materials needed with this facility.”

Emission reduction of 1.5 million tons of CO2 per year

Gases that release from the recycled insulation during InSus’s innovative processing method are captured. InSus’s circular and climate-resilient process prevents the gases from being released into the atmosphere. No recycling facility anywhere in the world recycles these insulation panels and captures the propellants. The new method will reduce CO2 emissions by more than 1.5 million tons per year compared to the current method of processing old insulation material.

Bernold Kemperink, team manager Tech & Energy at Oost NL: “We are proud that we, together with Jeroen Smits, who represented the municipality of Duiven, have been able to support InSus in the realization of a state-of-the-art circular recycling facility. This is a great step towards sustainability in the construction industry and a valuable addition to the circular sector in the Eastern Netherlands. We are happy to help InSus with the further roll-out of this realization and make the process more sustainable.”

Sustainable ambitions

The opening of the facility is planned for November this year. InSus will start with about 20 people, but this number will further increase to several dozen in the future. “We still have room for new employees who want to contribute to our sustainable ambitions”, concludes Van Dam.