Oost NL highlights the MedTech ecosystem during Medtech Twente Week 2023

From October 29 to November 2, MedTech Twente Week 2023 will take place. This week is dedicated to healthcare innovations, the latest scientific research, medical technology and entrepreneurship. During this week Oost NL organizes several interactive sessions where entrepreneurs can hear more about Market Validation in Medtech or How to get Funded. In addition, Oost NL is arranging an inspiration tour for foreign MedTech related companies exploring collaboration and/or expansion to the Twente region. We hope to see you there! 

MTW 2023

Sunday kicks off the first-ever 3-day international Citizen Science 4 Health conference. On Wednesday is the TechMed Event, themed "Shaping a Healthy Future." This event revolves around rapid technological advances for a healthy and sustainable future. The MedTech Business Event on Thursday, November 2, is about business development and matchmaking. We invite you gladly too participate in the Oost NL-activities below: 

Market Validation 

For healthcare entrepreneurs, market validation is an arduous process. The - what we call - Decision Making Unit - is often very complicated. In addition, high investments are often needed to get a product on the market. If you want to convince fund managers or investors to invest, you will have to demonstrate that you have already found the first paying customers tied to you.  

Market validation, above all, takes time. Time that is very well spent before a product reaches the market, even before a product is technically developed. These issues will be discussed during a session by Sarah Lee Ketner, Project Manager Oost NL, on Thursday 2 November. 

How to get Funded 

On that same day Bram ten Bok, Investment Manager Health Oost NL, and Albert- Jan de Croes, Investment Specialist Novel-T, will tell about the trends visible in the Venture Capital landscape. Specifically related and relevant to MedTech start-ups. In relation to this; what they themselves recognise from these trends when looking at their own portfolio companies. What does this mean for e.g. valuation, cash management and fundraising of MedTech start-ups? In other words; what should you consider as a MedTech entrepreneur at the moment. A lot of information will be given about the specific funding instruments which Oost NL has available and which MedTech entrepreneurs can make use of. 

Inspiration tour 

Following the MedTech Business event day, Oost NL is organizing an inspiration tour for MedTech related companies on Friday 3 November. This offers foreign companies a unique possibility to visit and learn about companies in Twente and discover collaboration opportunities in the region. If you are interested in joining this (free of charge) tour or have questions about this day, please reach out to hilco [dot] beeks [at] oostnl [dot] nlrel="noreferrer noopener" target="_blank"

Oost NL is one of the organizing partners and the booster of innovative ecosystems in the East Netherlands. We do this by investing in them, driving innovation and developing international connections.   

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