Shapeline develops new ABS braking system for e-bikes from Deurningen 

The start-up Shapeline focuses on the development of a new ABS braking system for e-bikes. By doing so, Shapeline is trying to develop a solution that can reduce the number of fatalities on e-bikes. Due to the popularity of e-bikes, the risks, especially among the elderly, have increased. Oost NL supported the Indian co-founder of the company with its visa application and helped starting up.  


Shapeline is a company of Arjun Nair and two Dutch business partners (André Mensink and Admir Skenderagic). Together they are developing a new ABS braking system for e-bikes. An ABS system ensures that the wheels do not lock when braking, making sudden braking safer. Recently the Netherlands Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) came out with figures on traffic accidents. The number of cyclists aged seventy and older who have died in traffic has increased by 68 per cent in the past twenty years. According to Statistics Netherlands, the number of road fatalities among this group is also rising because of e-bikes. 

There are currently three people working at Shapeline. In the short term this will be expanded to seven, with the aim of creating a working prototype. Should Shapeline succeed in developing their ABS system successfully, it is to be expected that the company will be able to continue to grow 

Startup facilitator 

Oost NL is start-up facilitator of Arjun Nair. This resulted in a visa for at least the duration of one year. The start-up visa, a national regulation of the RVO, enables innovative entrepreneurs from outside the EU to further develop and scale up their start-up in the East Netherlands. 

Oost NL guided Nair through the IND & RVO visa application process. Being a facilitator means that Oost NL, with all the expertise it has in-house, tries to help Shapeline with the challenges they face on their path. For example, Shapeline held talks with the Patent Centre of the Dutch Patent Office on behalf of Oost NL about protecting their technology. And Oost NL introduced the company to potential partners in the region who could help with the technical development of the ABS system.