SmartTechNXT aims to help customers digitize from Hengelo

SmartTechNXT is a small company, originally from South Africa, that deals with automation processes in the industry. The company established itself in Hengelo. Oost NL supported the company with their establishment in the region together with World Trade Center Twente.

SmartTechNXT team

SmartTechNXT's team in the Netherlands

The company SmartTechNXT was founded by South African entrepreneurs Kurt and Laureen van Aswegen, it is a 'spin-off' from Pétanque NXT that also operates in Hengelo and South Africa.

With Laureen van Aswegen at the helm, SmartTechNXT offers smart automation and digitization to accelerate the integration of human and digital workforces. "Organizations that choose simpler, smarter automation are better positioned to grow in a highly digitized and fast-changing world," says Van Aswegen. "Our mission is to create simplified, people-centric ways to digitally transform businesses. At SmartTechNXT, we automate business processes with smart technology that helps people create business value."

SmartTechNXT software robot

SmartTechNXT Software Robot

Soft landing in the region

SmartTechNXT is one of the 12 companies started by entrepreneurs from South Africa, participating in the internationalization and soft-landing programme of Oost NL, World Trade Center Twente and recognized service providers. "Oost NL and World Trade Center Twente have provided us with excellent support in launching our smart automation technology services in the Netherlands," says van Aswegen.

Bernold Kemperink: "For the (manufacturing) industry, it is important to take further steps towards a smarter industry. SmartTechNXT has the knowledge to help Dutch SMEs further with this. It is therefore valuable that these types of companies choose our region. In addition, it shows that the soft-landing programme is doing its job well."

Together with WTC Twente, Oost NL has set up a full-service programme for South African companies and entrepreneurs to settle in East Netherlands. Economic ties are growing between the Netherlands and South Africa. Imports and exports rose to EUR 2.2 billion in 2021. In recent years, more and more South African companies have settled in the eastern Netherlands. The fact that the country is in the same time zone is an advantage in this respect. Moreover, the favorable logistical, position on the border with Germany makes the East Netherlands a valuable trade and investment location.