TiNDLE Foods expands the reach of its flagship plant-based chicken throughout Europe

Founded in 2020, the food tech startup TiNDLE Foods, formerly Next Gen Foods, has made significant strides in the European market this year. In Nijkerk (East Netherlands), the company will further develop their products from their new Innovation and R&D center. Oost NL assisted the company with their expansion throughout Europe, together with the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) and Foodvalley NL.


Image TiNDLE Foods

TiNDLE Foods is on a mission to make the global food system more sustainable by creating delicious foods from plants. In 2021, the company first launched TiNDLE Chicken in about a dozen restaurants in Singapore before expanding abroad and garnering the attention of culinary professionals, as well as international investors. In 2022, the company raised $100 million USD in its Series A. 

TiNDLE Chicken is the first product from TiNDLE Foods – a delicious and versatile plant-based chicken that’s made from simple ingredients, such as water, soy, wheat, oat fiber, and coconut oil. Easy to prepare, as it can be incorporated into any type of chicken dish, TiNDLE is already served in thousands of restaurants and grocery stores globally, including Europe, Asia, Middle East, and the United States. 

"As a global leader in the modern food tech industry, the Netherlands was the first country in Europe where we introduced TiNDLE Chicken back in 2021. It was a natural next step for us to lay down roots for our Innovation and R&D center in Nijkerk, and we’re looking forward to continuing our efforts to build a more sustainable food system with our partners here in the East Netherlands,” says Philip Schippers, Vice President of R&D (Europe) at TiNDLE Foods.

Delighted with TiNDLE Foods' arrival

"We are delighted to welcome TiNDLE Foods to our region and support their mission to create sustainable food solutions. Their innovative plant-based chicken aligns perfectly with our focus on sustainable food production," says Francine Hellinga, Food Advisor at Oost NL.

Oost NL supported TiNDLE Foods in securing the location for its new Innovation and R&D center, in cooperation with the NFIA, Foodvalley NL, and the municipality of Nijkerk.