TMC Enschede Answers the Demand for Technical Professionals in East Netherlands

TMC has opened an office in Enschede on 1 April 2019.


This new location is a logical step to TMC’s development, as the company already has offices located in other cities in the Netherlands which have technical universities: Eindhoven and Delft. In addition, TMC already has clients in the region.

“With the opening of our newest office we can strengthen the relationship with our current clients throughout the region, as well as technical professionals in the future,” says Ronald van Gerwen, CEO TMC Netherlands.

“Owing to our close involvement with our clients here in the eastern part of the country, we’ve seen how this region has grown. It goes without saying that we would like to continue to be responsive to the increasing needs of talented technical personnel that logically follows this growth. Starting back in 2016 we’ve had our first contact with Oost NL,” says van Gerwen.

Van Gerwen sees potential growth namely in the areas of nanotechnology and smart manufacturing. But TMC also has strengths in the areas of Food, Health and Energy, which are focal areas in the region of East Netherlands.

Bart van ‘t Ende, advisor at Oost NL, concurs, “TMC is an outstanding match due to their expertise and entrepreneurial DNA.”

Building the region together

Daniel Aydin will be helming TMC Enschede. He has an expansive background in facilitating technical professionals and is very familiar with the region. The combination of these two qualities means that he is attuned to the needs of the market.

“Twente is a region with a strong technological character and, similar to many regions in the Netherlands, is struggling to deal with a shortage of talented technical people. Being asked to lead TMC was attractive to me because their unique business model allows them to match the desires of technical personnel with the needs of its clients. It appeals to me greatly to be able to help people in developing their career. And as the people grow, so too do the organizations they work for. I am convinced that we can help both our existing as well as new clients to maintain their market strengths - indeed, to even increase and grow. My ambition is to continue to work on building this region.”

TMC plans to help some 100 people find work over the coming three years.