AnSem – a Belgian company with headquarters in Leuven - has opened their Dutch office in Enschede in April of 2016.

The company started in 1998 as spin-off from the University of Leuven and imec, offering full turnkey analog, RF and mixed-signal ASIC solutions and custom IC design to their customers. The main markets of AnSem are: Industrial, Health, Consumer, Automotive, Smart home and Wildlife tracking.

The reason for their expansion to The Netherlands is to get access to talent coming from the University of Twente.  AnSem has close contacts with the team of Professor Bram Nauta from the Electrical Engineering department. The existing relationship with site manager Clemens Mensink speeded up the decision to start the business in Enschede. Mensink got his PhD at the University of Twente and besides his work experience of 2 years at Philips/NXP in Nijmegen, he always worked in the Twente region and was well familiar with the ambition of Kennispark to further expand the high-tech business. Oost NL supported AnSem with practical matters, such as finding available office space at the Kennispark area.

AnSem BV started out with 5 employees and is expected to grow to 25 in five years’ time.