GCP-Service International

GCP-Service International makes clinical trials accessible to SMEs

“GCP stands for Good Clinical Practice, the fundamental standard that we strive to uphold daily,” says René Pulles, the regional operational manager of GCP-Service International’s Nijmegen branch. From the Noviotech Campus in Nijmegen, the Contract Research Organization (CRO) provides expertise, resources, and clinical research services to SMEs in East Netherlands, aiding the development and market launch of new pharmaceuticals or medical devices.

The company aims to make clinical trials that are often costly accessible for businesses that have devised innovative healthcare solutions and seek to bring their products to market. In particular, small to medium-sized enterprises lacking the funds or capability to conduct the research themselves find the proper support at GCP-Service International. Pulles adds, “Our primary goal is to reduce costs for companies, research institutions, and universities involved in developing new drugs, medical devices, and in vitro diagnostics (portable analysis equipment). By offering our clinical research services on a contractual basis, companies don’t need to engage freelancers for various aspects of clinical trials.”


Additionally, GCP-Service International assists companies with regulatory compliance, report writing, and product surveillance. “With our full-service approach, short communication lines, flexibility, efficient processes, and competitive pricing, we’re keen on assisting companies in East Netherlands. Our expertise covers all types of clinical trials,” says Pulles. Moreover, the company provides training sessions both on-site and online.

Global network

Established in 2004, the company operates in the Netherlands and has branches in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Singapore. However, as Pulles notes, their reach extends beyond these countries. “Being part of the global network of AICROS - Association of International CROs – allows us to deliver our services worldwide. Consequently, we can currently conduct 45 different types of clinical trials globally, including those focused on cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, obesity, ophthalmology, orthopedics, and early detection tests,” Pulles explains.

The success of AICROS stems from decades of experience. “Through our affiliation with AICROS, we can further enhance value for companies aiming to execute multinational studies swiftly, flexibly, and with the highest quality. In essence, we accelerate global clinical trials with reliable solutions for medical innovations.”

Nijmegen, epicenter of health and innovation

Located on the Noviotech Campus, GCP-Service International is situated in Nijmegen, a university city renowned for its robust health ecosystem. It boasts a solid knowledge base, including institutions like Radboud University, Radboudumc, and the HAN University of Applied Sciences. These entities serve as crucial sources of (scientific) knowledge and expertise in medicine, genetics, healthcare technology, nutrition, and neuroscience. Collaboration among companies, research institutions, and supportive government accelerates impactful innovations. Vibrant campuses like Noviotech Campus provide fertile ground for (inter)national companies in the health domain.

Pulles emphasizes, “GCP isn’t just Good Clinical Practice; for us, GCP also signifies Good Clinical Partner. We strive to adhere to the highest standards of clinical practice. That’s why we find it important to add value to the healthcare ecosystem of East Netherlands through our services. Ultimately, alongside SMEs, we aim to improve the population’s overall health in East Netherlands.”


In the coming years, GCP-Service International plans to identify strategic partners in Nijmegen and its surroundings to collaborate with, Pulles reveals. “Through these partnerships, we can steadily expand here in East Netherlands. We’re seeking like-minded organizations that prioritize a human-centric approach, open communication, trust, and collaborative teamwork. This way, we intend to ensure the success of clinical trials in the region and assist companies in bringing innovative medical products to market.”

Moreover, GCP-Service International aims to focus more on utilizing data to expedite clinical trials and, consequently, bring innovative medical products to market faster. “Real-world data, information from actual practice, aids companies in gathering valuable insights and working more efficiently. By harnessing data, we enhance the success of clinical research overall,” Pulles concludes.