Neo G

The British company Neo G is expanding into the Netherlands. Based in Aalten in the Achterhoek region, the company hopes to conquer the European market with medical aids, such as ankle and knee braces, orthotics and tape. Neo G’s director of Sales and Marketing, Gijs Nijhof is enthusiastic about the future of the company in the Netherlands.

Neo G is the number one brand in the UK of supports and braces and the fastest growing in the USA. “To manage the growth and demand of our product in the rest of EU we opened a warehouse/ distribution centre and sales office in the Netherlands. To give our customers the best service and fast lead times we have made the decision to open our European Head Office in the East of the Netherlands. Facilities, logistics and international orientation were the main drivers to establish in this part of the country”, Nijhof explains.

Friendly climate for companies

According to Nijhof, who will represent Neo G in Aalten, The Netherlands has a friendly climate for companies to start a new business: “The logistics in the NL to have an international organisation are superb. The country has a stable economic situation and is used to work internationally. The international ‘attitude’ makes it all very easy. The entrepreneurship and trading spirit is exactly what we need to grow in the EU.”

The products of Neo G rely heavily on innovation, says Nijhof:  “Our products are designed by our own in house orthopaedic engineers and medical professionals to drive exceptional levels of innovation throughout the product portfolio. The products are manufactured with premium quality materials in our European production facility with the best and newest machinery. They all have a Class 1 medical grade which is unique in retail. The price-quality level we can bring to our customers is for these reasons not seen anywhere else.”

“In the UK we work with hospitals and physiotherapy organizations in order to know what the high demands for our products are. We have our innovation centre there and we are open to do the same in the Netherlands. Our staff is trained by professional educational institutes and this is something we put a lot of effort in to be sure that our products offer the best medical quality.”

Warm welcome in the region

Neo G used the services of Oost NL in their choice of location for Aalten. Nijhof: “Oost NL made us feel welcome in the region and made sure we understood where they can help us, if we need support we know where to go. Currently, we are developing websites in multiple languages and for the translation I asked if they knew an organisation which can help us with that. Within a very short period of time I got the contacts of a company who offers that service.”