South Korean multinational Hyosung establishes European R&D centre in the Netherlands

South Korean company Hyosung opens its European R&D centre at the monumental former KEMA park Arnhems Buiten, the Netherlands. From this new R&D centre, the company further develops  the European high voltage electricity network: an important step forward in the European energy transition and improving sustainability. Hyosung's arrival strengthens Arnhems Buiten's position as Energy Innovation Campus. Invest in Holland-partners Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (NFIA) and Oost NL supported Hyosung in its establishment.

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Building 'B31' where Hyosung will open it's R&D centre

Hyosung Heavy Industries is part of Hyosung Corporation, a South Korean industrial conglomerate that is active in the chemical, industrial machinery and IT industries. The Hyosung Heavy Industries division employs over 3,000 people and focuses on renewable energy with industrial energy storage systems and transformers.

Working on energy solutions for our power grid

Arnhems Buiten is a high-quality business-park where international players like DNV, Specialized and Tennet are already located. Hyosung Heavy Industries' focus fits in well in Arnhems Buiten. The company made a conscious choice to establish itself at Arnhems Buiten, explains Mr Yokota, CEO of Hyosung: "Arnhems Buiten is a suitable location for us due to its proximity to large and small players in the electricity distribution sector. From Arnhems Buiten, Hyosung wants to take steps in the coming years to further accelerate developments in the European energy transition." The proximity of KEMA Labs compliments  the South Korean company’s goals, as KEMA Labs provides testing and certification services for the electricity sector worldwide.

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Thijs van Dieren (Arnhems Buiten) and mister Yokota (Hyosung)

Establishment at Arnhems Buiten

Hyosung fits well into the profile of the 42 acres big Arnhems Buiten campus. Since 2022, real estate developer City Developer-S and Perspectieffonds Gelderland, a fund of the province of Gelderland managed by Oost NL, have been developing the site into a hotspot for energy transition. Thijs van Dieren, CEO at Arnhems Buiten: "This strong choice by Hyosung confirms the unique strength of Arnhems Buiten. The original motives of this former KEMA-site are more relevant than ever before. KEMA founded this site in the 1930s. We are now building on this energy transition legacy." Arnhems Buiten will prepare Hyosung’s R&D centre and upgrade the energy label of the almost 100 years old building of 3.200 m2 to at least A+.

Valuable addition to the ecosystem

Invest in Holland-partners Oost NL and NFIA supported Hyosung in realizing their ambitions. Bernold Kemperink, manager Tech Energy at Oost NL: "Hyosung reflects positively on our ecosystem's position within the European playing field around electrification. It is not only a reinforcement for Arnhems Buiten, but also for the wider ecosystem in and around Arnhem.”

Hilde van der Meer, commissioner at the NFIA: “The Netherlands is committed to developing and finding sustainable, innovative and digital solutions to global challenges. We welcome companies that want to contribute to our goals, and Hyosung is a great example of such a business.  The establishment of Hyosung in our country contributes to the European energy transition and strengthening our international ecosystems. It underlines the strong position of the Netherlands as a great location for scaling up solutions with impact for the European market.’