We can process your loan application if your company meets the following conditions. Your company:

> Is an operating branch of a foreign parent company.

> Is a private company under Dutch law (BV) and is - or will be- registered in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce trade register.

> Has - or will open - a bank account with a Dutch-based bank.

> Establishes a business in East Netherlands and deploys activities that strengthen the regional economy of East Netherlands

> Will make a contribution to one or more of our social challenges and the following economic indicators: increase of workforce/co-financing/ increase of R&D expenditure/the (development of) innovative network environments in the region.

> Has a specific formulated financing need of €250,000 maximum and a verifiable capacity to pay back the loan.

> Provides current financial data (including the latest (consolidated) annual account) of the parent company. We assume that the annual account is available at July 1, after the year-end.

> Has an up-to-date business plan. The plan should present the following aspects:

a. The type of activities will be financed with the loan, the necessary follow-up investments.

b. A description of the product and the market.

c. A description of the business model and its scalability.

d. The financial and commercial feasibility, with risk analysis.

e. The organisation: a team description and its competences/activities.

If you cannot meet one or more of the conditions above, your company does not qualify and this specific loan does not apply to you. Depending on your situation, we can discuss alternative options with you.